Hebert's Carvings

Tree Carving, Tree Spirits, Living art

Canadian soldier in Afghanistan

Canadian soldier remembered, carved from white oak 6 1/2' tall. in Lantz N.S. insert tree before carving.

A tribute to a soldier killed in Afghanistan.


Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

    Lighthouse 4' tall, from Maple (Insert tree before carving)



Black Walnut Trout

Trout, carved from Black Walnut 12" x 7" tall. Danish oil finish



       Poodles Carved from Maple 4' tall






Carpenter, carved in Amherst, 8' tall from Elm tree


Carving from White Pine tree, approx 8' tall 9 1/2' total in River Hebert




Carving in Amherst, 9' tall from Elm.  2nd pic after stain to colour


Victorian Girl

Victorian girl carved in Amherst from Elm tree 5' tall. 2nd pic shows it stained.


Fathers of Confederation

Four Fathers of Confederation that lived in Amherst at one time, carved

from Elm tree 21 ft tall, stained to colour


                                         Photo after staining, complete 2009


Lest we Forget

Carving 7' tall from White pine at River Hebert Legion

2nd photo after stain. Remembrance soldier, may we never forget.