Hebert's Carvings

Tree Carving, Tree Spirits, Living art


Bluejay carved at 871Young Ave. Halifax, donated to "Kid Help Line" http://www.designershowcasekidshelpphone.org/ 



      Farmer with Pitchfork at Lorneville N.S. 8ft tall, Elm tree


Great Blue Heron

Carved in River Hebert from Elm tree 4 1/2' tall.

2nd Picture after staining and clear coat



Giraffe Bust, Carved in Halifax from Ash tree. 7 feet tall.  Stained and sealed.

Insert, tree before carving 


Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle with fish, Carved in River Hebert.  6" high, Elm tree.

 Stained to Color,



Pineapple "Universal sign of welcome" carved in Elm, 30" tall. color stained

River Hebert N.S.



Squirrels carved on Rupert St. Amherst N.S.

Center photo  shows broken tree before carving. Maple tree.


Snowy Owl

              Snowy Owl carved in River Hebert from Elm, 3' tall. Stained to color.