Hebert's Carvings

Tree Carving, Tree Spirits, Living art


                  North Nova Highlander Piper, carved in

                  Victoria Park Amherst N.S. 11 1/2 ft tall


Great Blue Heron

Heron, Carved from Elm, 6 1/2' tall in Baie Verte, near Port Elgin N.B.  (Inset: tree before carving and Painting)

Stained May 2007



       Carved in Amherst, East Victoria St. "Universal sign of Welcome" 6' tall


Town Crier

     Carved in Amherst, East Victoria St.  11 1/2' tall

      New photo to show carved sign completed in 2007



Great Gray Owl

                    Carving Willow St. Amherst N.S. 9' Tall, Elm



        Carving in Nappan N.S.  5" Tall.  maple